Spend your dream vacation in the heart of one of the world’s finest beaches in Laiya.
Offers you beachfront convenience at affordable rates.

Laiya Moon Palace Resort is the tropical paradise within your reach. Experience white sand beaches and safe clear sea water. Enjoy a variety of fun activities and indulge in a natural setting that is both ideal for business and pleasure. Laiya Moon Palace Resort lets you enjoy the perfect blend of recreation and relaxation. At this stunning beachfront resort in Laiya, Batangas, you are wrapped in pure holiday bliss.

All rooms are furnished with Air con, private bathrooms, stove with gas, grills and dining table. Management has limited the capacity of each rooms to maintain the natural ambiance.

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Snorkeler’s Paradise in Batangas

The beauty of staying in our resort is to ride a boat to go on a snorkeling activity in Batangas’ fantastic reefs. All you need is a mask with a snorkel and a pair of fins and you’re ready to jump right into the diving spot in the piers skirting the resort. If you don’t have your own equipment.

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Further amenities

  • Henna Tattoo Island Hopping
  • Jetski Snorking
  • Enjoy the best Beach Resort Amenities you will find in Laiya Batangas

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The Living Room

Posted by Jonas Castro / 19 March, 2024

XXI century gave a rise to yet another revolution in Europe, but this time it's not a french grizzly struggle for human rights. It's a choice of a luxury that came straight from scandinavian lands. Your living room will never be the same!

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